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Bio - Dennis Gallagher

I am currently working on several exciting projects, including the IMAGE Mission. I am a co-investigator on the IMAGE team and am working in the Theory and Modeling, the Radio Plasma Imager (RPI), and the Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) groups.

My work has been to understand how and where cold ionized gas from Earth's upper atmosphere moves in the local space environment. Earth's atmosphere is perhaps the strongest source of the ionized gas or plasma that surrounds us. The coldest of this plasma has a great influence on higher energy plasma and on the movement of energy that goes on during space weather storms. Both the RPI and EUV instruments will see this plasma as it moves and collides with the other hotter plasmas in space near the Earth.

I am also working with others to make sure that everyone who is interested in seeing IMAGE pictures has the chance -- including scientists, teachers and students!


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