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Astrobiology Lecture Series

AMES NAI Press Conference by Dan Goldin

  • Tuesday, May 18, 1999
  • 11:00 am - 12:00 pm Pacific (1:00 pm - 2:00 pm Eastern)

    NASA Administrator Daniel S. Goldin will introduce the new director of NASA's Astrobiology Institute (NAI) during this exciting conference. This is the first press conference given by Goldin on Astrobiology at Ames. The press conference and a lecture on Astrobiology will be televised live on NASA TV and rebroadcasted by the ltc to you. For those unable to attend the live events, an archive will be available the next day.

    Past Astrobiology Lectures

    Workshops for K-12 teachers
    on life and water in the solar system.

    This selection of expert talks on various concepts of astrobiology is intended for high school and older audiences.  

    Lynn Harper "The Universe In Your Neighborhood" RealAudio
    Slides accompanying the lecture.
    Chat session
    Lynn's Biography.
    Andrew Pohorille "The Origin of Life on Earth" RealMedia
    Slides accompanying the lecture
    Chat session
    Andrew's Biography
    Bill Borucki "How Can other Biospheres Be Recognized?" RealMedia
    Slides accompanying the lecture
    Chat session
    Dave DesMarias "How have the Earth and its biosphere influenced each other over time?" RealMedia
    Slides accompanying the lecture
    Chat session
    Dave's Biography
    Dave Peterson "How Do Rapid Changes in the Environment Affect Emergent Ecosystem Properties?" RealMedia
    Slides accompanying the lecture
    Chat session
    Chris Mckay "What is the Potential For Biological Evolution Beyond the Planet of Origin?" RealMedia
    Slides accompanying the lecture
    Chat session
    John Hines "Technologies for Exploring the Living Universe" RealMedia
    Slides accompanying the lecture
    John's Biography
    Peter Jenniskens "Experiencing the Leonid Meteor Shower" RealMedia
    Slides accompanying the lecture
    Peters Biography


    Related Links

  • The Astrobiology Web
    Your online guide to the living universe

  • Astrobiology Institute
    The official Ames Research Center Astrobiology Site

  • LTC Educators' Symposium
    Workshop about water and life in the solar system.



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    This Astrobiology series is brought to you by Netscape and NASA's Quest Project


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