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Astrobiology Mars International Space Station

a probe

The Astrobiology Institute is tasked to discover whether there is life beyond Earth and where life may have originated.


Mars is a "destination" planet. Missions to Mars will begin in as early as the first quarter of the 21st century.

the international space station

The International Space Station is a 16 country project to put an continuously inhabited laboratory in Earth's orbit.

Oceanics Robotics Earth Science
an underwater probe

Earth's oceans remain one of the last compelling and mystical frontiers on this planet.
a robot arm

Robots will be the first to explore environments and extremes of climate to gather data and be the pioneers of human exploration.
the earth

Our earth is our home. Scientists and dedicated people around the planet continue to seek answers to how to preserve and protect it's future.
People of NASA LaunchesLife Science
an astronaut

NASA people are fun, dedicated, interesting and 'well travelled'.
a shuttle launch

Travel within and outside of our solar system to the ISS and beyond requires enormous planning a way to get there.
the beach

Exploration here on earth continues to delve into the understaning of our own and other species.

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