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1998 Archived Events

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  • In December 1998 we witnessed the moving of the AIAA 1903 Model of the Wright Flyer from Ames' Hangar One to the Low Bay of the 40 x 80 Wind Tunne l. During this action-packed hour, you were given an overview of the work being done on the Wright Flyer replica while at Ames. Once the Flyer was moved we spoke with some of the engineers responsible for the model during this project. You were also invi ted to ask questions in the QuestChat room and have them answered during the event.

  • On October 29 we hosted a live web cast, And Now... From the Launch of STS-95, from Kennedy Space Center just prior to the launch of STS-95. Content included exploration of the Life Sciences goals of the STS-95 mission and why John Glenn's involvement is so significant to the Space Program. We also were hosted by a shuttle test engineer talking with some of the distinguished guests attending the launch and explaining many interesting facts about Shuttle preparation.

  • This Fall we supported the web cast of NASA... On the Cutting Edge, a series of exciting, interactive, educational, live shows. These exciting programs, focused on the oceans, took students on electronic field trips to laboratories, classrooms, NASA Centers and remote sites across the country.

  • During September and October we partnered with GTE and Discovery Channel School to host four special events focused on Hurricanes. The Eye of the Storm explored many aspects of this powerful weather phenomenon. The project consisted of four live events:
    • Hurricane Awareness & Preparedness
    • Front Line of Defense: The National Hurricane Center
    • The Hurricane Hunters, Part One: A Tour of the Hurricane Hunters' Aircraft.
    • The Hurricane Hunters, Part Two: Fly Into the Eye of the Storm!

  • This September and October we hosted a series of live events for the Challenge Project. This project which explored the themes of human potential and exploration while approaching Senator Glenn's return to space on STS-95 in October.

  • During the month of October we web cast the proceedings of the Turning Goals Into Reality Conference held at Lewis Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio. In addition, throughout the month we hosted a series of live events that were overviews and demonstrations of the many different aeronautic activities at NASA.

  • This July and August we hosted Arctic Exploration Online. We hosted a series of live events from on board the United States Coast Guard ice-breaker, the Polar Star. The events featured interviews with the Crew of the Polar Star, explorations of different places on the Alaskan coast along the ship's path and coverage of the Jeremy Project.

  • This summer we Webcast both the Stanford University's Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics Summer Seminar Series and The NASA-ASEE Stanford Summer Faculty Fellowship Program series of "Brown Bag Lectures." These are seminars geared toward high school students and are given by top experts from NASA Ames, the SETI Institute and USGS. There are a wide array of topics dealing with the hottest subjects in space and aeronautics.

  • On June 29 we hosted the live briefing, Latest Findings From Pathfinder Mission: One Year After the Mars Landing. The scientists involved with NASA's Mars Pathfinder presented their latest interpretations of results from the mission almost a year after the spacecraft's July 4, 1997 landing.

  • On June 10 we brought you the Aerodynamics in Sports Team Live Lecture and Web Chat. Participants were able to watch a wind tunnel test on a large tennis ball. They were able to chat with NASA and tennis sports scientists about the wind tunnel test and the latest Aerodynamics in Sports project activities.

  • On May 21 we hosted an exciting event from JPL, Europa: Another Water World? This lecture took a look at Jupiter's Moon Europa and explored the questions: More water than Earth? Another Ocean? In Space? A panel of science fact and fiction experts, hosted by Dr. Rich Terrile, Outer Planets Progr am Scientist, made for a fun and informative event.

  • Space Day 1998, brought to you by Lockheed Martin, included a live, all-day Webcast called "Cyber Space Day" in which astronauts and scientists answered questions from kids worldwide. In anticipation of that day, Quest hosted two full days of QuestChats, May 19 and May 20, allowing classrooms to interact with NASA experts from our various projects in real time.

  • On May 5 and May 12 we hosted Introduction to Aerodynamics and FoilSim. These sessions provided an introduction to Aerodynamics and FoilSim. Participants gained an understanding of the forces that affect aircraft and got an introduction to FoilSim, a software package that demonstrates the forces that affect lift.

  • On April 16 we hosted our first live shuttle program, And Now... From Banana Creek! We hosted a pre-launch program featuring interviews with VIPs, an astronaut and a tour of the Saturn facility. Remote participants were able to ask their questions and have them answered by our featured guests during the event.

  • On April 13, 14 and 15 we hosted NeurOn At The Launch! These three events featured NeurOn project manager Linda Conrad sharing her experiences working with the folks at Kennedy to prepare for the launch. During one of the programs we were joined by an astronauts crew member!

  • In April we hosted three Passport To Knowledge programs from Live From the Rainforest. These three one-hour programs took students via live TV and the Internet around the world to visit global rainforests.

  • On Friday, March 20 we hosted Astrobiology Lecture and Chat: "The Universe In Your Neighborhood." This fun and informative lecture explored our living universe. You learned how things in the universe are accessible from your own backyard.

  • On Wednesday, March 18 we celebrated Brain Awareness Week. An expert with Neuron Lab Online gave a live lecture and demonstrated several fun and informative classroom activities on the brain.

  • On Friday, March 6, we sent you a live lecture titled: STS-86: Experiences Aboard the Russian Space Station Mir. This lecture by Dr. Scott Parazynski told of his experiences during the STS-86 mission. This mission delivered Dr. David Wolfe to the Mir station a nd returned Dr. Michael Foale to Earth.

  • To celebrate National Engineering Week, Feb. 23 through 27, we hosted Journey Into Cyberspace.This video series explored the different opportunities available to students who reinforce their natural curiosity by taking science and mathematics classes. Each episode presented a different journey into the exciting world of math and science.

  • On February 24 we hosted a live lecture and web chat with Jim Rice, a Mars geologist. The event included Jim's lecture on Mars and a tour of the Aeolian wind tunnel at Ames Research Center.

  • On February 19 and 26 we hosted "Countdown To Launch" and "Open For Business," two programs featuring the International Space Station.

  • On February 17, Secretary Richard W. Riley delivered the 5th Annual State of American Education Address.

  • On February 5, the Aero Design Team Online presented Brent Wellman, the 2GCHAS Project Manager. Bruce gave a very Uplifting Aerodynamics Lecture demonstrating some activities using airfoils with unusual shapes that generate lift.

  • On Thursday, January 29, we hosted a live video broadcast and held a web chat for a portion of the Aerodynamics in Sports Technology project. "Aerodynamics in Sports Technology" is an exciting interactive project that focuses on sports to teach students science as part of NASA's educational outreach mission on the World Wide Web.

  • On Thursday, January 15, in celebration of Martin Luther King day, we hosted a series of activities and multimedia presentations to teach the ways the slaves left plantations during the time of slavery. A live video presentation of Classroom Activities and "Follow the Drinking Gourd" was given.

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