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1997 Archived Events

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  • On Thursday, December 18, we were joined by Don Scott a NASA Education specialist. Don gave a hands-on, interactive session on Mars Exploration Education. You can see or hear an archive of this event.

  • On Monday, December 15, we hosted a chat with U.S. Secretary of Education Riley. He guided students around the country in a conversation commemorating International Human Rights Day. Read an archive of this chat.

  • For six weeks we hosted another "Sharing NASA 101" presentation. These lectures give guidance on how to integrate Sharing NASA projects into your classroom. Visit the 1997 archive of these presentations.

  • On November 14 we held two special events live from the Tel*Ed conference in Austin, Texas, and Mexico City. The first event was a keynote presentation given by Hector Galan. The second event was a tour of the International Space Station. We invite you to visit the archive of these events.

  • On October 21 we hosted the very exciting event titled: "And Now... From A Submarine!" We joined the Channel Islands National Park as they took a submarine to locate White Abalone on the Pacific Ocean floor around the Channel Islands in Southern California! Visit the archive of this event.

  • On October 25 we hosted a Mars lecture and Q&A with NASA's Bob Haberle. Viewing the lecture remotely from Dysart, Iowa, was Vice President Gore, NASA Administrator Goldin and other dignitaries. Click here to see an audio, video and transcribed archive of this event.

  • On September 6 we hosted the Internet distribution of "NetDay, Funding and the E-Rate." This NetDay '97 workshop helped community members plan for NetDay and to learn more about the E-Rate. Click here to see a video archive of this workshop.

  • On March 3, 1997, we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the launching of Pioneer 10. This spacecraft survived the asteroid belt and was the first to encounter Jupiter. Pioneer 10 continues to travel through space sending back data from the edge of the solar system.

  • For thirteen weeks this January through March we supported a collaborative effort with University of North Dakota's Space Studies Program. A credit course on Telerobotics was offered over the Internet. Over 70 students from 12 countries participated in the course and received credit from UND.

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