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The Wright Flyer Online Presents:

Live from the Wright Flyer Wind Tunnel Test


March 9, 10:00 - 11:00 am Pacific (1:00 - 2:00 pm Eastern)

See the sights of the AIAA 1903 Wright Flyer Model in the wind tunnel!

  • Join the chat about what kind of data is being obtained --

  • What have the engineers learned from the preliminary results?

  • Video on the National Full Scale Aeronautics Facility at Ames Research Center

  • Meet Craig Hange, Aerospace Engineer, NASA Ames Research Center.
    Craig will be taking questions in the Chat Room on day of the event.
To learn more about the project visit the Wright Flyer Online Web Site.

MultiMedia Tools used to Experience the Live Events:
Prior to Listening to or Viewing the Event you will need to Download the RealPlayer.
(The application program that allows you to hear or watch the events.)
Once you have downloaded and installed the RealPlayer on your computer.

Archive of the Live Event

  • Select Audio only to hear an Audio version of the program using RealPlayer.

  • Select Video to see a Video and hear the Audio using RealPlayer.

  • Select Chat Room to enter the Chat Room for this event. This will allow you to interact with the experts featured in the event.

  • You may also want to Test these MultiMedia tools prior to the event.

  • Online survey: At NASA's Quest Project we provide our on-line projects and content for free. All we ask from you is a little information. Please take a few minutes to give us some feedback on the LTC event you have just attended. This information helps us improve what we offer, as well as, provides valuable information to be reported to our internal funders.

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This Quest Project Web page
was last updated on March 9, 1999.


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