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Multimedia Resources

A comprehensive review of books and magazines is provided in NASA's Space Based Astronomy, page 88. This brief supplement adds sources referenced in the Live from the Stratosphere Guide, or published recently.

Care has been taken to clear use of all copyrighted material in this Guide. If any errors or ommissions have accidentally occurred, they will be corrrected upon notice to the project.

Hands-On Materials as provided in the LFS "mini-kit":

Heat-sensitive paper and card: Steve Spangler Science
(800) 223-9080 or www.stevespanglerscience.com
Educational Innovations
(203) 629-6049, or via e-mail: EdInnov@aol.com

Spectrum glasses: Rainbow Symphony
(818) 708-8400, 1-800-821-5122

Diffraction grating: R & R Packaging
(508) 433-6835


California Department of Education (1990) Science Framework for California Public Schools, Sacramento, CA

Ferris, Timothy [editor] (1991) The World Treasury of Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics. Little, Brown and Company, Boston, MA

Livingston, Myra Cohn (1988) Space Songs. Holiday House, Inc. New York, NY: use of "Jewels" is by permission of the author, through Marian Reiner

Malin, David (1993) A View of the Universe. Sky Publishing Corporation and Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, MA

Project 2061/AAAS (1993) Benchmarks for Scientific Literacy. Oxford University Press, New York, NY

Sagan, Carl (1973) The Cosmic Connection. Dell Publishing, New York, NY

Rowan-Robinson, Michael (1990) Our Universe: An Armchair Guide. W. H. Freeman and Company, New York, NY


McLean, Ian S. (June 1995) "Infrared Arrays: the Next Generation" Sky and Telescope. p. 18 ff.

Goldman, Stuart J. (August 1995) "Astronomy on the Internet" Sky and Telescope. p. 21 ff.

Bruning, David (June 1995) "Blasting Along the Infobahn" Astronomy. p. 75 ff.


Sagan, Carl (1989) Cosmos. Carl Sagan Productions and TBS Productions, Inc., based upon the original 13-part PBS series, (c) KCET/LA and Carl Sagan Productions, Inc.


The Galileo project may be contacted via e-mail at:
Send faxes to: (818) 354-6256

For information about the Hubble Space Telescope via the Space Telescope Science Institute, ftp:
ftp.stsci.edu gopher: www.stsci.edu
World Wide Web: http://www.stsci.edu

If you do not have Internet, you can access the Hubble archives via NASA Spacelink, dial-up number (205) 895-0028

Information about SOFIA and additional pointers to a large number of excellent educational and astronomical resources on the Internet, such as WebScience, may be found via the Live from the Stratosphere gopher site (quest.arc.nasa.gov) or the LFS Home Page:




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