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Live from the Hubble Team at the National Science Teachers Association Meeting in St. Louis

Section 5 - Other NASA Displays

1.There was a place where folks could simulate landing the Space Shuttle. This area was always busy. space to simulate the Space Shuttle
mockup of the Space Station 2. Here is a nice mockup of the Space Station. I am in the foreground entering vital commands into the Space Station Information System. Mark Leon is to my rear, striking a fetching pose!
3. Dr. Rose Grymes coordiantes many of NASA's Life Science educational activities. She is teaming with the K-12 Internet Initiative to offer an Interactive project called Shuttle/MIR Online Resources for Education (S/MORE). It is about biology experiments that happen from space. For more information about all of our upcoming projects, visit our home page at http://quest.arc.nasa.gov/interactive/index.html Rose Grymes in front of a model Space Shuttle
Lee Duke at the aeronautics booth 4. Here is the aeronautics booth with Lee Duke in the foreground. The K-12 Internet Initiative is teaming with Lee to offer another online project about a wierd solar-powered, remote controlled airplane that will be used to observe the Earth. This plane is called Pathfinder and although it has a 200 foot wingspan, it only weighs 400 pounds.
5. Here is a group called RSPAC. They are also funded by IITA and they offer some great online information. Check them out at http://www.rspac.ivv.nasa.gov/. RSPAC group

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