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Live from the Hubble Team at the National Science Teachers Association Meeting in St. Louis

Section 2 -The Exhibit Hall

Our main job in St.Louis was to staff a booth to give out information about our projects and allow teachers to surf the Internet at fast speeds (T1 / 1.5Mbps). Our booth was part of a large NASA display area which in turn was part of a much bigger exhibit hall filled with booths from many different companies and organizations.

1 When folks first arrived at the exhibit hall, this was the entrance that greeted them. Entrance o the exhibit hall
fancy display 2.This is what a typical fancy display area looked like;this style booth costs a lot of money.
3. This is what a typical small booth looked like for those folks on a tighter budget. small booth
picture of a skeleon and a whale 4. You meet the strangest things inside of booths, including these two fellows. Other booths featured books, video tapes, graphic body parts and neat equipment.
5. Since it was cold out (at least for a Californian not used to temperatures in the 40's), lots of folks wore coats to the exhibit area. Here is the long line at the coat check coat check area
Aaron Hatch giving out free posters 6. One of the favorite activities for teachers visiting the exhibit area is to load up on the freebies. All sorts of materials are handed out. In this picture, NASA Ames employee Aaron Hatch is giving out some nice aeronautics posters.

Credits and Contacts

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