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Live from the Hubble Team at the National Science Teachers Association Meeting in St. Louis

Section 4 - Passport to Knowledge Special Events

1. On Friday, the Passport to Knowledge team gave a presentation about our offerings. Here is Joe Exline describing how the Electronic Field trip model nicely fits the new Science Standards. Joe Exline giving a presentation
Jan giving a presentation 2.Here is Jan describing the wondeful things that teachers have done, using Passport to Knowledge Field Trips as a starting point.
3 That evening, we had a reception to meet interesting people with an interest in Passport to Knowledge. After the exhibit, but before the reception, we had a planning meeting about the Live from Mars trip for Fall of 1996. There was no time for dinner, so at the reception I was mainly focused on the food....don't tell my Mom that all I had for dinner was cookies and brownies. picture of crackers

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