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How to order Live From Hubble Space Telescope material

The Live From the Hubble Space Telescope Teacher's Kit, was released in early February 1996. It consists of a 48 page Teacher's Guide, a full-color Hubble poster, prints of planets and galaxies, color filters, UV sensitive beads and other hands-on materials, and a copy of NASA's Space-Based Astronomy booklet.

The Live from the Hubble teacher's guide contains background on the project, lesson plans and activities for science classes and interdisciplinary work, and an introduction to our on-line resources.

Order your Kit by sending a check or money order, made out to: "Passport to Knowledge-LHST"
for $10.00 per kit, to:

Passport to Knowledge-LHST
P.O. Box 1502
Summit, New Jersey 07902-1502

Please include your name, complete mailing address, position and grade level taught, and how many students you expect to reach.

Live from the Stratosphere Teacher's Kits are still available under the same terms as the Hubble kit. Please be sure to indicate clearly which kit you are ordering!

Videotapes of all Passport to Knowledge programs
are available from NASA Core, at cost plus shipping.

NASA CORE Lorain County Joint Vocational School
15181 Route 58 South
Oberlin, OH 44074
Phone: (216) 774-1051, x293/294

CORE accepts checks, money orders, VISA/Mastercard or school purchase orders. Ohio residents should add 5.75% sales tax on the tape cost (not shipping). The cost for 30 minute programs has been $14.50 ($10.00 plus $4.50 for shipping/handling).

Ordering copies of Passport to Knowledge's online resources, even if you have no easy access to the Internet.

All current files on our Web and gopher sites are downloaded by Richard Seltzer's "B and R Samizdat Express", and available on Mac or IBM diskettes, updated weekly.

You may order diskettes for $10.00 per 3.5" high density diskette. You are encouraged to make as many copies as you need to share with your colleagues and students.

Most of the information is provided in plain "text" form to make it easy to import into your own word processing programs.

Order diskettes by e-mail, or postal mail. List the disks you want, be sure to indicate IBM or Macintosh, your full name and address, and enclose a check, purchase order, or current credit card information. In the US, there is no charge for shipping and handling. Massachusetts residents should add $.50 per disk for sales tax. Outside the US, add $2.00 for shipping per order.

For orders via postal mail, send to:

B & R Samizdat Express
PO Box 161
West Roxbury, Massachusetts 02132-0002

For email orders, send the same information to
Send payment via postal mail.
For more information about "Please Copy This Disk", call Richard Seltzer at 617-469-2269.

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