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HST Home

A Guided Tour of this Site

In Spring 1996, for the first time ever, students in grades K-l2 had a chance to help do real science using the Hubble Space Telescope. The Space Telescope Science Institute (which operates Hubble) contributed three HST orbits to the PASSPORT TO KNOWLEDGE educational project for this purpose. The planets Neptune and Pluto were selected as targets for original observations by students who served as Hubble Space Telescope (HST) "Co-Investigators", working alongside some of America's foremost astronomers.

Options include:

  • Project News: which contains a welcome and some background
  • Featured Events contains project segments that were designed to especially stimulate your students
  • A schedule of Video broadcasts that were aired.
  • About the HST Team includes
    • Biographical sketches of the men and women of the project that helped students relate to the project at a human level.
    • Journal reports from HST personnel describing their day-to-day activities and their particular role in the project. These reports helped students understand the diversity of people and skills that are needed for success in a modern science project.
  • An ability for students to ask questions of project staff via Email. (This activity is now over but an archive of Q&A remains).
  • Background
    • About The Hubble Space Telescope
    • About the Planets
  • Photo gallery of interesting and relevant images.
  • Teachers' Lounge contains a special Teacher's Guide designed for this project and other resources for learning, including curriculum materials
  • Kids' Corner contains
    • Projects for kids
    • Gallery of student work
    • Gallery of participating classrooms
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