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OFJ97 Updates

May 1997

JUP #48 (May 10): OFJ97 Final Update; Website will continue to be updated

April 1997

JUP #47 (Apr 10): OFJ97 winding down; a reflection on Jupiter and Galileo
JUP #46 (Apr 4): Three OFJ97 activities for you and your students; Did Jupiter cause a data loss
JUP #45 (Apr 3): Imaging activity now online; a new field journal

March 1997

JUP #44 (Mar 24): Online chat with two Galileo experts; testing software and a celebration
JUP #43 (Mar 18): Webchat with Galileo experts; future observations
JUP #42 (Mar 14): Find Jupiter activity; journals from the experts
JUP #41 (Mar 11): Answering your questions; four new and interesting journals
JUP #40 (Mar 4): New mailing list; spacecraft activity; more field journals

February 1997

JUP #39 (Feb 24): Asking the Galileo team your questions; Fixing the Galileo "Post Office"
JUP #38 (Feb 19): Welcome to Online from Jupiter 97

January 1997

JUP #37 (Jan 31): Return of Online From Jupiter

The following updates were sent out during the original OFJ in 1996-95

These updates were HTMLized by David Dobervich

Junior Updates (Targeted at Junior High School students)

October 1995

JUP #1 (Oct 25) : Welcome; Science Instruments; Dry Run for Big Day
JUP #2 (Oct 26) : Preparing Probe; Propulsion; Good Recorder News
JUP #3 (Oct 30): The NAV Team Practices; A Spacecraft in Trouble

November 1995

JUP #4(Nov 3): Meet ProbeSquash; Insider's Tape Recorder Story
JUP #5 (Nov 8): Telecom Planning; Prioritizing Science, Conference
JUP #6 (Nov 9): Navigating Optically; Electricity and Leaking Gas
JUP #7 (Nov 10): Safe Computing; Some Science to be Left Undone
JUP #8 (Nov 14): A Science Frenzy; Low Altitude; Radio Experiments
JUP #9 (Nov 15): Ready for the Worst Case; New Tape Data Problem
JUP #10 (Nov 18): Furlough Happenings; Hawaiian Jupiter Observing
JUP #11 (Nov 22): Receiving Probe Data; Testing NIMS; Undone Tweaks
JUP #12 (Nov 26): Getting to Jupiter...Again!
JUP #13 (Nov 28): NIMS is On; Meetings and a Professor's Day

December 1995

JUP #14 (Dec 1): Galileo's Launch; AACS; A Radio Experiment
JUP #15 (Dec 4): Play-acting the Jovian Magnetosphere
JUP #16 (Dec 6): The Future; Secretary Power and Aiming Above Io
JUP #17 (Dec 7): Extending Probe Symbol Storage; Deep Space Network
JUP #18 (Dec 7): Lots To Do and the Search for a Balanced Life
JUP #19 (Dec 8): "I'm Ecstatic" and Other Stories of a Great Day
JUP #20 (Dec 14): Radio Science Delivers Good Data; Hosting VIPs
JUP #21 (Dec 18): Contingency Planning and Ground Observing
JUP #22 (Dec 22): Working the Tape Recorder; Canceling Maneuvers
JUP #23 (Dec 29): Lots of Work After JOI and Meeting The Press

January 1996

JUP #24 (Jan 5): A Lot of Good Calls and Explaining Physics
JUP #25 (Jan 12): Spacecraft Anomaly and the AGU Science Conference
JUP #26 (Jan 18): Probe Press Conference; Outreach; Grinch; JOI
JUP #27 (Jan 22): New Opportunities and Asking Questions
JUP #28 (Jan 25): Please Do an Evaluation Form
JUP #29 (Jan 29): Probe Entry Site Observing From Hawaii

February 1996

JUP #30 (Feb 12): Good-bye for Now

Spring-Summer 1996

JUP #31 (Mar 2): Moon Mnemonic Winners; Galileo Status
JUP #32 (Apr 19): Several Galileo Press Releases
JUP #33 (May 10): Web Chat Opportunity and Preparing For Mars
JUP #34 (Jun 17): New Software; Navigation Images; Web Gems
JUP #35 (Jun 29): Galileo Flyby and Observations of Jupiter
JUP #36 (Jul 23): New Web Site; Discoveries at Ganymede; and Physics Update.


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