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Jupiter banner

Design a Spacecraft to test for Life on Europa

Activity Overview: This activity challenges students to design a spacecraft that will travel to Europa, one of Jupiter's moons, and test for the presence of life. Students should take into account various factors affecting the design of a spacecraft travelling to the outer solar system as well as develop tests to determine if life is present on Europa. The designs can be submitted to the NASA's Quest Project to be posted online.

Goal: To design a spacecraft that will travel to Europa, perform a series of predesigned tests and determine whether or not life exists on Europa.

We would like to post student work online to provide a focus for later discussion. It is hoped that this activity will foster student learning in the following areas:

  • scientific method
  • working toward a specific goal
  • brainstorming and combining ideas
  • investigating scientific theories and thoughts on life in outerspace

This graphic was submitted by Becki Parks, April Draper, and Holly Taylor

This essay was submitted by Christian Schwarze



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