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The people of Galileo

Those people with OFJ97 next to their names participated in OFJ97 and may or may not have participated in the original OFJ project.

Science Team

Pictures/Remote Sensing:
Fields and Particles:
Radio Science/Gravity Wave Experiments:
Science Data Management Team:
Near Infrared Mapping Spectrometer:
Assistant Manager for Science Planning:

Sequence Team

Orbiter Engineering Team
General engineering:

Pointing the spacecraft:
Engines and thrusters:
Computers and data management:
Operations and mission control:

Probe Engineering Team

Navigation Team

Mission Planning Team
Long range and contingency planning:

  • Ed Hirst - OFJ97
  • Jan Ludwinski - OFJ97

Deep Space Network Team

Project Management/Support Team


OFJ and OFJ97 Field Journals

Note: The people listed here are those who agreed to participate in Online from Jupiter and/or Online from Jupiter 97. There are many more people who comprise the overall Galileo team.



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