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OFJ Field Journal from Leslie Tamppari - 11/29/95


We've been working very hard lately trying to figure out what changes we had to make to the central computer system on board the spacecraft in order to work around the tape recorder problem that we have a few months ago. It's been challenging for two reasons. First, we have to design a new software system in a very short amount of time and second, we have to be creative to figure out how to make sure that the system works while keeping as much science as possible. This process is coming to a close, however, and the actual work to really make the changes is starting up in full force! My part, as a representative for a science instrument, is winding down for the moment. I will have a lot of work in the next six months however, because all of the pre-designed science sequences that we had planned to use for every orbit have to be updated to reflect these design changes.

On a different note, we are all getting excited about the upcoming JOI - short for Jupiter Orbit Insertion - that will occur on December 7th. In fact, I am a member of a group of people who put on skits and songs at various project functions. We jokingly call ourselves the "Not Ready for Real- Time Players." We are busy (in addition to our other work!) planning the skits and songs that we'll perform on December 7th for the flight team and associated friends and family. We usually take the opportunity to poke fun at various teams on the project or various project managers! People seem to really enjoy our performances, but the best part about being a member of this group (for me) is the rehearsals. We make a lot of jokes and laugh a lot while trying to write the pieces and put the program together. I'm looking forward to performing on December 7th!



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