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OFJ Field Journal from Glenn Orton - 11/7/95

We packed up, glad to get some data, but unhappy that we were unable to measure Jupiter's temperatures and clouds all the way around the planet at the Probe entry site latitude, just north of the equator. We could estimate, based on the wave structures we saw, but there is nothing to substitute for real data to get the most accurate count of the number of waves around the circumference of the planet as a means to measure the power they are delivering to the atmosphere.

At 5 AM, we left the mid-level facility, which we call by the old name of "Hale Pohaku" (stone house) which is now officially called the Onizuka Center for International Astronomy at 5 AM. Ellison Onizuka was a native of the Big Island and died in the 1986 space shuttle Challenger launch explosion. We drove down from cold, freezing dry conditions to warm and soggy Hilo on the eastern (windward) coast at 6:40 AM. Jose Luis and I were seated adjacent to one another on the flight home and made up an organizational plan for everything we want to try to do (together with colleagues Jim Friedson, Padma Yanamandra-Fisher, and Kevin Baines, with the possibility of Sarah Stewart - a first-year graduate student at Caltech - signing on).

We got into LAX (Los Angeles International) just after the peak of rush- hour traffic, but still an awful drive! I dropped Jose Luis off in Pasadena and drove home to meet my wife and kids coming home from a rare trip to the Golden Arches for supper. They've squeezed it in between the late afternoon piano lesson and the impending Cub Scout Pack meeting. My 9- year-old son, Gregg, dressed into uniform (it was his first pack meeting as a Webelos Cub Scout). I kissed everyone and give my wife a consoling bouquet of Hawaiian antheriums. I managed to stay awake at the Pack meeting somehow (going on 19 hours without sleep); after they took attendance (awards go to the den with the best scout and family attendance) Linda - my wife - took Sarah, our 7-year-old daughter home, and I stayed on through the uniform inspection, the skits, the Sees candy sale announcements, etc. I got home to a grateful wife, helped put the kids to bed and make lunches and got to bed by 11 PM. Zzzzz. Talk about the grateful dead! (at least temporarily)



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