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OFJ Field Journal from Glenn Orton - 10/17/95

The Atmospheric Working Group, representatives of the four remote sensing instruments whose science goals are focused on atmospheric objectives, met and determined our most likely operating plans. We can probably recover 20 - 25% of the amount of the data which we had planned for the DMS-aided (phase 2) mission. What is a more daunting task, however, is the fact that all the plans we made to create command sequences for the phase-2 mission must be scrapped, as we now have new rules. For example, it's going to be unlikely that we can obtain images of the planet right next to one another, as we'll have to play the first set (in at least two colors) back to the earth before we can take more and fill the memory buffer again. On the other hand, we can try for targets on opposite sides of the planet, with something like 5-hour separations.

On everyone's minds is the cost-cutting mind-set of the current Congress and its likely predisposition to cancel funds for the entire mission, if they have the impression that it's going to fail.



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