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OFJ Field Journal from Randy Herrera - 12/8/95

4:00 am Friday 12/8/95

Man!!! It was beautiful!! The occultation happened right on time. The spacecraft signal disappeared just as predicted. The equipment performed as it should. The station personnel did all the right things at the right time. The Ops Engineer faxed us a copy of the spectrum (showing the radio frequencies that we were monitoring) and it looks great! All the planning we did is paying off. Whew! What a relief. Now I have some time to catch a nap before the egress (when the spacecraft should come out from behind Jupiter) at 7:00 am.

8:30 am Friday 12/8/95

Everything worked beautifully! We saw the signal pop back up at the time predicted and we tracked it to the end. Then, the spacecraft switched channels, so we lost the signal at that point, as expected. We are all *very* relieved. Plus, it turned out someone from JPL is at the Deep Space Network station in Madrid so he will bring back a copy of the data and give it to us on Monday, earlier than we expected to get it. Hooray!! Now it's time to get some real sleep!



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