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OFJ Field Journal from Lou D'Amario - 11/28/95

Almost the entire day today was spent in discussions about the OTM-1 strategy. The Navigation Team is going to give a presentation to the Project tomorrow morning to tell them the details of the different options for the OTM-1 strategy -- particularly with respect to changing the Ganymede 1 date. We hope to get from the Project some specific ground rules to use for designing OTM-1. The reason we need these ground rules *now* is that the Navigation Team has only 5 hours in which to do the actual computations for for OTM-1. There is not enough time in those 5 hours to do the work required for OTM-1 and also allow the Project to consider and decide on various options.

Today's calculations of the Io flyby trajectory show essentially no altitude error at the Io flyby. However, there is a significant "out-of-plane" (i. e., North-South) error -- the trajectory is several hundred kilometers South of the desired aim point. On the other hand, the altitude uncertainty is decreasing and is now about one third as large as it was for the TCM-27 and TCM-28 designs. We'll be able to present this material to the Project tomorrow.


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