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OFJ97 Field Journal from Laura Barnard - 2/12/97

This last weekend I worked at spring cleaning my house. My husband is sick with this nasty flu that is going around, and I wanted to do something. We have a large garden as well, so I did weeding and dormant care of my roses and fruit trees. My apple trees are already in bloom. They are very beautiful despite being only two year old twigs. My neighbors are gone for the week enjoying Mardi Gras in New Orleans, so I put their garbage and recyclables out for them as well as our own. Weekends are usually spent doing chores, unfortunately. My house is in good condition, so there isn't heavy maintained to do, however like I said there is a large yard that requires care. I love gardening anyway, so it is not such an arduous chore. Sometimes we'll go see a movie or go out to lunch, but the majority of my weekend is spent outside in the garden, cooking, and reading while we listen to the radio. Exciting huh?! Relaxing I say.

Monday, it was back to work, starting with web page maintenance. I usually look at all of the sequences that we are putting together or getting data for, and put all of the important deadlines on one page that is kept as current as possible. I still didn't have the navigation trajectories from last week's project science meeting so I sent email to the navigation team asking for their presentations. They were sent in less than an hour, so I put them on once I was done converting them to portable document format (PDF). This format allows anyone on the web, despite different platforms to read the document if they have the free Adobe Reader.

After I finished the web information I worked on the sequence G7 (Ganymede - 7th orbit). I loaded the pieces of the sequence that we have done into MIRAGE (Mission Integration, Real-time Analysis and Graphical Editor Software) [Please note - this software is so common to me that I will refer to it as MIRAGE from now on]. I then executed models so that the software would look at the instrument and spacecraft resources. As I was doing this one of the team members came in and asked user questions about MIRAGE. I went to his office to see exactly what he was doing, and I found that he had problems with his files, and the resource file that he was using. Once I determined that (after an hour!) it was fairly easy to fix the sequence so that didn't crash the software. When I returned to my own work I found a bug in the software that made my reports inaccurate. I told the programmer, and notified the team of the bug. It was a simple bug that only took our programmer a couple of hours to fix.

For lunch another team member came to my desk with a personal request. Sometimes I can be bribed! I actually needed a product from this person that was late, so I told him that I would do it only if I got my product! It worked. I got my sequence product and he got his color graphics! After lunch I continued to work on the G7 sequence and testing the new MIRAGE that had the bug fixed.



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