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OFJ Field Journal from Laura Barnard - 12/1/95

Well, it is the Friday before arrival day. I have 20 people lined up as volunteers to escort the visiting journalists, and also the interviews are arranged. I thought that I would come in early today to get a jump start on my day. Before I even turned on my computer, one of my team chiefs has a question relating to timecards, and vacation time. As I look up the answer, I start clearing my desk area. It is December 1st, and I decorate my station so that everyone knows what season it is. We are so busy all of the time, that you never realize how fast those days zip by. We have started a countdown clock for Jupiter probe relay and Jupiter Orbit Insertion(JOI). There are six days left (four if you count working days only) - until arrival day and there are tons of things to do! I am presently working on a database project that will create a phone book of all of our project investigators (139 people). The phone book will have all of the information that we have gathered over the years in our contacts. Things like phone numbers, faxes, and email addresses. Everything has to be checked to see if it is current, and then it has to be put together in a report format that is pleasing to the eye before Thursday. The cover I designed myself, and it really catches your eye. Now I need to find time to run the program and proofread the product. After that is done, (probably Monday), I will have a master copy that I will reproduce for everyone that is coming. Before I even got started however - another team chief has come with a request for additional displays for arrival day. Art work has to be organized and claimed. I also have to contact other project personnel to see if they have claimed that art before I did for some display that they might be doing. On Monday I will contact the public services office here at lab for the display panels that we call "stacks". They are called stacks because they all hook together one on top of the other in a flat board design that is then secured by wooden pedestal feet at the bottom. The end result is a black carpet-like board that the art work hangs on like a bulletin board. Well I have to go to a meeting, and then rehearsal for the "Not Ready For Real-Time Players (I'll tell you about that later). Then I will go home. It will probably be 6:30 PM before I walk in my door at to be a loooooong day.


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