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OFJ Field Journal from Claudia Alexander - 12/6/95

This morning there was a big traffic jam coming in to work. JPL is on a dead end street and there isn't that much parking, so for a whle I thought I was going to have to walk in from miles away. I know it's going to get worse. Tomorrow is going to be a zoo. There will be something like 600 VIP's and 800 other guests, so I guess I'd better get here early.

Yesterday I was asked by Jan to do a live phone-in radio show, from 5:00 to 6:00pm, right during the press conference. But I want to see the press conference. I've been so focussed on the concerns of my own instruments that I haven't had much time since I've been here to understand other science that the project is doing. It's a forest and trees problem. This is my chance to understand it along with everybody else. Besides, I'd be way too nervous to answer questions about the whole mission for a large radio audience! I asked Jan to get Steve Edberg to do it. Steve knows way more than I do and he's used to doing these sorts of things. Steve said yes, so I'm off the hook, thank God.


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