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Welcome to Online From Jupiter 97

This project was active from mid-February, 1997 through April 6, 1997

The Galileo mission is designed to help scientists learn much more about the planet Jupiter and its moons.

NASA's Galileo spacecraft arrived at Jupiter on December 7th, 1995. Upon arrival, Galileo's probe plunged into Jupiter's atmosphere. The probe sucked up lots of data about the structure and composition of Jupiter; this info was relayed (via the mothership) back to us on Earth. Preliminary details about this data were shared at a press conference in January.

With the Probe's job done, the Galileo mothership (formally called the Orbiter) will continue to orbit Jupiter, studying the giant planet and its moons for two years.

Options include:

  • What's new with Online from Jupiter
  • Background about the spacecraft and its mission
  • Field journals from Galileo personnel describing their day-to-day activities and their particular role in the project. These reports will help students understand the diversity of people and skills that are needed for success in a modern science project.
  • Biographical sketches of the men and women of the Galileo project will help students relate to the project at a human level.
  • An ability for students to ask questions of project staff via Email
  • Featured Activities are meant to especially stimulate your students
  • Resources for learning, including curriculum materials about Jupiter and Galileo
  • A Teacher lounge allows for discussion among teachers (available through the Web)
  • A photo gallery of interesting and relevant images.

    teacher's lounge photo gallery resources for learning questions about galileo feature activities galileo team kid's corner what's new


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