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A yearly celebration at the international level of the contribution that space science and technology can make to the betterment of the human condition.

Theme 2001: Inspiration from Space

For 2001 schedule

Aligning with the 2001 World Space Week collaborative, NASA Quest, the premier online site for interactive math, science, technology and space mentoring will host interactive video webcasts, textbased webchats, audio and video clips, and forums. NASA invites you to interact with our nation's coolest, brightest, most intriguing and talented women and men who develop and utilize breakthrough technologies that benefit our world!

To give you a sampling of what to expect this year, glance down our list of past participants:

2000's World Space Week: In collaboration with Classroom Connect NASA Quest featured a week-long focus on the men and women of the Space Shuttle team. Included at the Classroom Today site are special daily puzzlers to challenge the student, and helpful tips for teachers. http://quest.nasa.gov/space/events/cc/2000

Bill Vance - Electrical engineer at NASA Langley Although Bill Vance is deaf, he is able to work at NASA due to an innovation he has worked on that is a fire andemergency alarm for the hearing impaired. Bill will share the prototype and discuss his work on this invention. (archived webchat http://quest.nasa.gov/women/archive/04-26-01bv.html) Dr. Alan Pope - Behavioral Researcher at NASA Langley

Dr. Alan Pope parleyed his research and work with pilots into biofeedback technologies that aid people with Diabetes and children with Attention Deficit Disorder. (Archived webcast http://quest.nasa.gov/ltc/ram/won042601a-v.ram)

Astronaut Susan Helms explains what life is like living aboard the International Space Stations and take questions from our audience while in orbit. (archived webcast http://vanseg-1.arc.nasa.gov/LTC26APR01-02.ram)

Nine year old Mary and Karen Bundy-Burlet, NASA expert on Space Biology, Aerodynamics, and Mechanical Engineering both have Type I diabetes. They share how advanced technologies have helped them in their treatment and how NASA has taken the lead on this research. (archived webcast http://quest.arc.nasa.gov/ltc/ram/won042601c-v.ram)

Stay tuned for October 2002 programming. For more information on World Space Week and its background see http://www.spaceweek.org


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