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The Learning Technologies Channel, and the NASA Langley Research Center's Office of Education present...


Sci Files logoProduced by Langley Research Center's Office of Education, the NASA SCIFiles is a series of instructional programs designed to enhance the teaching of science, math, and technology concepts in grades 3-5. The series introduces students to scientific inquiry, scientific method, and problem-based learning through various problems that challenge our six tree house detectives.

Each program in the series has a 60 minute video, includes a resource-rich teacher guide, and is complemented by the NASA SCIFiles web site. to suport the national mathematics, science, and technology standards.

The NASA SCIFiles is FREE to educators and the programs in the series are in the public domain. All you need to do is visit the web site: http://scifiles.larc.nasa.gov and register. The four programs in the series can be down linked from satellite, seen on PBS stations, and downloaded from our web cast right here on the Learning Technologies Channel. Video copies of the programs can be purchased from CORE, NASA's Central Operation of Resources for Educators, .http://core.nasa.gov. Join the NASA SCIFiles tree house detectives as they seek to solve challenging cases as they introduce you to scientific inquiry.

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Programming for 2002 -2003

Programming for 2001 -2002

Programming for 2000 -2001


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