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The Learning Technologies Channel, the AIAA Foundation, the Aeronautics Education Committee, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, and NASA's Center for Distance Learning present...

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nasa connect logoNASA CONNECT is an annual series of FREE integrated mathematics, science, and technology instructional distance learning programs for students in grades 5-8. Each program has three components: (1) a 30-minute television broadcast, which can be viewed live or taped for later use; (2) an interactive web activity; and (3) a lesson guide describing a hands-on activity. These three components - television broadcast, web activity, and lesson guide - are designed as an integrated instructional package. NASA CONNECT seeks to establish a "connection" between the mathematics, science, and technology concepts taught in the classroom and the mathematics, science, and technology used everyday by NASA researchers. NASA CONNECT is FREE to educators. Register on our web site, http://connect.larc.nasa.gov.

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Programming for 2004

Programming for 2002-2003

Programming for 2001-2002

Programming for 2000-2001

Programming for 1999-2000

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To learn more about these programs, visit the program web site. Specific Math and Science Concepts included in each program as well as the relevant NASA Science shown are outlined here. See the Schedule below and be sure to view one of the past events in the archives at the bottom of the page.

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