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 photo mosaic of Antarctica

LIMA Challenge
Spring 2008 NASA Quest Challenge!

Background Information

About LIMA and IPY:

Official NASA LIMA Page -- Especially useful sections:
     About Antarctica -- Antarctica Fact Sheets
     Antarctica Mysteries Look at an image close ups. Guess, then click to learn more
     Flying tour of the McMurdo Area      
International Polar Year (IPY)
Teacher Challenge

About Antarctica:

Don Pettit Goes to Antarctica: An astronaut shares "Saturday Morning Science" from Antarctica
ANSMET (The Antarctic Search for Meteorites program)--a pictoral tour
Live from Antarctica and LFA2
National Science Foundation, U.S. Antarctic Program
Discovering Antarctica: A variety of activities to learn about Antarctica
British Antarctic Survey: Includes downloadable lesson plans
You Wouldn't Want to Be a Polar Exporer: Join Ernest Shackleton (1912) on a mad mission to the South Pole.
Huge Antarctic ice chunk collapses March 25, 2008

LIMA in the news:

December 4, 2007
New York Time: New Map of Antarctica Brings Frozen Landscape Into Focus
The Australian: New images bring Antarctic closer

30 November 2007
Voice of America: Website of the Week — Antarctica Mosaic
Earth Observatory New Images,
Ferrar Glacier, Antarctica

November 29, 2007
WJZ TV, Baltimore: Video: Coffee with: NASA Scientist, Dr. Bob Bindschadler
Voice of America: Scientists Unveil High-Definition Map of Antarctica
Week: A High-Def Look at Antarctical
Spiegel Online International: NASA Map Reveals Clear View of Frozen Continent

November 28, 2007
IT Wire: NASA sees Antarctica 10X more clearly than before
Tech News World: New Super Map Makes Antarctica Crystal Clear
Fox News: Scientists Unveil High-Definition Map of Antarctica
The Great Beyond: NASA’s new map of the big white
Men's News Daily: NASA unveils detailed map of Antarctica
E-Flux Media: Ultra-High Resolution Photo Map of Antarctica
National Geographic News: Photo in the News: Hi-Res Antarctic Map Unveiled
Government Computer News: Clearer view of cold continent

November 27, 2007
MSNBC: Virtual Antarctica revealed in high definition
The National Science Foundation: Newly Unveiled Satellite Map of Antarctica Is a Unique Tool for Scientists, Educators and the Public
BBC News: White Continent in its full glory
ABC News: Antarctica in Hi-Def
World Science: New Antarctic image map to “revolutionize” research
United Press International: New map of Antarctica is published
NASA Press Conference: Breakthrough Map of Antarctica Lays Ground for New Discoveries

November 22, 2007
CBC International: New Antarctic map will contain 1,100 hi-res images
The Antarctic Sun: Going to the edge

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