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Exploration through Navigation Challenge
Welcome to the Winter 2009 NASA Quest Challenge!
Explore Earth and Space Navigation

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Please note: this challenge was carried live in the winter and spring of 2009. Whereas classrooms may use this challenge at any time, the live component finished with the closing webcast on May 7, 2009.

Step 1:
Registration link (closed)-- this step should not take more than 5 minutes, but it does need to be complete.

Step 2:
After you have registered for the Exploration through Navigation Challenge you may proceed directly to the pre-challenge survey. We have designed an *optional "student survey" available as a Word document or in .pdf format for you to use in the classroom to help you assess your students' knowledge prior to the filling out the Teacher pre-challenge questionnaire. the Challenge, we recommend that you:

  1. Print this five-question survey.
  2. Administer it to your students.
  3. Review your students' responses.

Use the information to help you answer the required, online " Teacher Pre-Challenge Questionnaire."

The Teacher pre-survey questionnaire and post-survey questionnaire help us to evaluate the impact of our challenges.

* The “student survey” is optional.  However, we think it will be a useful tool for you, the educator, because this same student survey can be used at the end of the Challenge as a means of assessing student learning as well as helping you to respond to the "Post-Challenge Teacher Survey.”  Please note:  NASA Quest will not collect any data directly from students. Only you, the educator, will analyze student responses to the “student survey” and, in turn, relay that information to NASA Quest via the “Pre-Challenge Teacher Survey."

Now you're ready to begin the challenge!

Note: If you have registered and have not received an email welcoming you to the challenge within a week, please send an email to Linda so that we may correct our records.

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