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Exploration through Navigation Challenge
Sending Materials for the Website

The following is intended to help you in submitting your materials for posting to the NASA Quest website. Please note:

Each class should submit one write-up to NASA Quest.

Although students may work in teams and develop more than one solution to this task,
the teams should unite and choose the best solution to submit.

Submissions shoud include:

  • Explanatory text describing planned voyage and means of navigation (template will be provided)
  • Visual representation of your method(s) of navigation (Be creative! Suggestions include: collage of tools, star chart, drawing of vessel, chart of wind patterns or currents, etc.)
  • Map of planned ocean route
  • Photo(s) of design and/or classroom presentations (please include signed parental release for any student that appears in the photo(s)

If it is text or contains only one or two photos:

Send it in the body of an email message to:
Be sure to reference the LCROSS challenge in your email subject.

For pictures or diagrams:

It is always our hope that material that comes from the classroom can be graphically represented on the web. There are several choices:

  • If it already exists in electronic form, you can attach the pictures in an email to,
  • We can FTP it from a location you specify -- send email to same address, or
  • If it is already on a Web page, we can simply point to it. Send the URL in an email

Please note: If a photo includes a student, we will need parental permission to post it on the web. The permission should include parent contact information and their willingness for their student to appear on a NASA website. A form is available in .pdf format. We need to receive the form with the original signatures, sent to:

Linda B. Conrad
NASA Ames Research Center
M/C 226-4
Moffett Field, CA 94035

We would very much like to feature the work of your students on our NASA site. But we can only display your work if you send it.... so please share!

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Last Updated: October 2008