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Exploration Through Navigation Challenge
Part II: Charting a Course to the Moon
Final Designs

Challenge: Students were tasked to chart a course from Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral, Florida to one of the lunar poles using navigation skills appropriate for outer space. For this task, students will submit their navigation plan (as a class) to NASA experts for review. Following are the final designs due April 27, 2009.


1 thumbnail of student navigation map Workman Orbiters
Ms. Jamison's 6th grade class
2 thumbnail of orbit design Allyn’s Full Throttle Fliers (AFTF)
Ms. Purrell -- Ms. Allyn's Group
3 thumbnail of student orbit SOLINSKI NERDY MOON MISSIONERS (SNMM)
Ms. Purrell -- Mrs. Solinski's group
4 thumbnail of orbit Purrell’s Water-Seekers
Ms. Purrell
5 thumbnail of drawing of orbit

3 students, 7th & 8th Grades
Esther Karpf home school

6 thumbnail of orbit Ms. Muniz Fifth Grade
Savannah Heights Intermediate
7 drawing of orbit

Julian - 7th Grade
Teacher: Ms. Rogers

8 thumbnail of space ship 5th grade from
Orleans Elementary
Teacher: Ms. Currier
9 thumbnail of orbit 7th graders from
"Tudor Vianu"  High School of Computer Science,
Bucharest, Romania
Ms. Stoica
10 thumbnail of orbit 9th (I) grade from
"Tudor Vianu" High School of Computer Science,
Bucharest, Romania.
Ms. Stoica
11 moon 9th (F) Grade from
"Tudor Vianu" National College of Computer Science
Bucharest, Romania
Ms. Stoica

See the .pps of our activity and the LCROSS mission
12 thumbnail of orbit Ms. Florio's 8th grade
St. Joseph School,
Garden City NY
13 thumbnail of orbit

"Moon Dusters"
Ms. Levin-Kretz's Fifth Grade
Sunrise Elementary

14 thumbnail of student orbit Scientists from
5th grade Commodore Sloat Elementary School
Teachers: Ms. Graham and Ms. Schock
15 thumbnail of navigation plan Mr. Bell's 8th Grade Science
Millinocket Middle School
Kristen & Tyson
16 thumbnail of navigation map Mr. Bell's 8th Grade Science
Millinocket Middle School
ETC Team, Emily
17 thumbnail of the map Impacting Moon Positioning Adventure Crater Trajectory (IMPACT)
Teacher Ms. Dunbar
Sea Girt Elementary School
18 thumbnail of student orbital drawing

Teacher Ms. Reichert
Patch Elementary School
Stuttgart, Germany


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