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Last Year in Review

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June/ July/ August 2002

Please note: As of June 2002, all webcasts from NASA Quest will require RealPlayer 8 or better. Be sure to prepare ahead and download RealPlayer 8 or RealOne.
For help see: http://quest.nasa.gov/about/howto.html

To calculate your time zone see http://www.worldtimezone.com/

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June 13

10- 11 AM Pacific
1- 2 PM Eastern
1700-1800 GM

space contentGrades K-12
ISS - A Home in Microgravity:
Chat with Mike Ciannilli

Test Project Engineer Mike Ciannilli will join us to discuss his role in the "Landing to Launch" of the orbiter. Mike has been a long time participant in the NASA Quest offerings from Kennedy Space Center surrounding launches and preparation of the orbiter.
Read Mike Ciannilli's bio and journals

Mike Ciannilli

Read the Archive

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9-10 AM Pacific
Noon -1PM Eastern
1600-1700 GM

space contentGrades K-12
Aquarius, an Analog to Space Travel

Join us live from underwater, off the coast of the Florida Keys, in a submersible deep-sea habitat called the Aquarius. NASA is interested in finding out if this facility could help us understand and prepare for long-term space travel.
Learn more from Bill Todd's Journal.
More information on this event

photo of Aquarius under water

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Read the Transcript

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August 29

3-4 PM Pacific
6-7 PM Eastern
2200-2300 GMT

space contentGrades K-12
lance bass photoStation News Network (SNN) Presents:

Lance Bass

Join a one-hour live webcast with 'N Sync singer Lance Bass, who will discuss his interest in space, and the training he has received in Russia to prepare him for his planned trip to the International Space Station, aboard a Russian Soyuz rocket. Lance, at 23, would become the youngest person to go into outer space.

More information is available

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Coming in September: Talk to Astronauts in Aquarius underwater habitat!

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