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Calendar of NASA Quest Events

Planning for 2003-2004

September 2003

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For technical help see: http://quest.nasa.gov/about/howto.html
To calculate your time zone see http://www.worldtimezone.com/

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September 2003

aerospace content iconspace contentgrades 9-12

Destination Tomorrow:
Program 11
consists of five exciting segments:

In the "Behind the Scenes" segment, viewers will learn about solar sails which may one day power spacecraft; in the "Tech Watch" segment, viewers will learn how NASA helped preserve The Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights; viewers will learn about the "Spin Tunnel" in the "Retrospective" segment; viewers find about the Next Generation Launch Vehicles in the "On the Runway" segment; and viewers find out how GPS works in the "How it Works" segment.

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Read the Script

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Mark Your Calendar and register for the challenge



astrobiology contentgrades 5 - 8
Classroom Challenge:
Design a Martian!

Classrooms around the world are invited to investigate what makes our planet habitable. Using Astro-Venture online tools, you will find the different characteristics of our planet and star system and discuss why they are important.

You will compare Earth to Mars and research what characteristics are important in supporting human life. Then, you will be ready to Design your Martian, a lifeform that could live on Mars.

More information developing here

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