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Calendar of NASA Quest Events

Planning for 2003-2004

October 2003

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For technical help see: http://quest.nasa.gov/about/howto.html
To calculate your time zone see http://www.worldtimezone.com/

October 4-10 World Space Week
Lance Bass of NSYNC is serving as World Space Week 2003 Youth Spokesperson
See NASA Quest webcast with Lance

October 12-18 Earth Science Week

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October 9

1:30PM Pacific
4:30PM Eastern
2030 GMT

3:30 PM Pacific
6:30 PM Eastern
2230 GMT

astrobiology contentspace contentgrades 5 - 8
Two Webcasts:
Exploring Earth to Prepare for Mars

Learn more about the similarities between Earth and Mars, the fascinating region of the Rio Tinto (Red River) in Spain, and testing planetary robots.

More information is available. Be sure to visit the info page early as it requires some preparation!

rio tinto landscape

Watch the Archive


October 13

Register for the challenge

December 5


astrobiology contentgrades 5 - 8
Classroom Challenge:
Design a Martian

Classrooms around the world are invited to investigate what makes our planet habitable. Using Astro-Venture online tools, you will find the different characteristics of our planet and star system and discuss why they are important.

You will compare Earth to Mars and research what characteristics are important in supporting human life. Then, you will be ready to design your Martian, a life form that could live on Mars.
More information is available.

AstroFerret on Earth drawing



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October 29

10-11 AM Pacific
1-2 PM Eastern
1800-1900 GMT

astrobiology contentgrades 5 - 8
Chat with the experts
Classroom Challenge:
Design a Martian

Chat with NASA scientists to ask your questions about human habitability on Mars, and possible life-forms that might survive in the Martian environment.

Experts Geoff Briggs, Scientific Director of NASA's Center for Mars Exploration and Jon Rask
Experiment Support Scientist/Research Scientist, Space Station Biological Research Project will join you live to answer your questions.

Read Geoff's Bio
Read Jon's Career Fact Sheet (pdf file)

See Martian Design Challenge pages.

Read the Archive

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