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Planning for 2002-2003

March 2003

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To prepare see: http://quest.nasa.gov/about/howto.html
To calculate your time zone see http://www.worldtimezone.com/

Women's History Month

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March 4

11-12Noon Pacific

2-3 PM Eastern

1900-2000 GMT


space contentGrades K-12

Tour the International Space Station

Start your Robot Design Challenge with an overview of International Space Station. Learn how much space there is, some of the responsibilities of the astronauts that could be helped by a robot companion.
Learn more about this event and the Design Challenge

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March 10 - April 25

space contentGrades K-12

Robot Design Challenge Forum

Registered participants in the Robot Design Challenge are invited to submit their questions about their designs and design process at our forum. NASA experts in robot design will respond to as many questions as possible.
For more information on this event

Susan Helms in space with camera

Join the Forum

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March 13

9-10 AM Pacific

12-1 PM Eastern

1700-1800 GMT

space contentGrades K-12

Caution: Falling EVERYTHING!

Join us from the Distance Learning Outpost at Johnson Space Center for an expedition to the world of microgravity. Microgravity is the unique gravitational environment astronauts experience on a spacecraft orbiting the earth. It challenges humans who work and live in space, and benefits many types of scientific research.
For more information on this event

astronaut floating in space

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March 17

aerospace content iconspace contentgrades 9-12

Destination Tomorrow:
Program 9

Program 9 Viewers will learn about the HELIOS experimental airplane; new breast cancer detection device developed by NASA which will help save lives; Project Gemini; and see how NASA is making flying quieter. Viewers will also find out how space suits works in the "How it Works" segment.
More information on Destination Tomorrow online videos.

Destination Tomorrow logo

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