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December 2003

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For technical help see: http://quest.nasa.gov/about/howto.html
To calculate your time zone see http://www.worldtimezone.com/

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December 3

10-11 AM PST
1-2 PM EST
1800-1900 GMT

astrobiology contentgrades 5 - 8
Classroom Challenge:
Design a Martian

Hear from NASA scientists in Astrobiology. See what NASA is now doing in the support of finding out if life exists on Mars and find out what they have to say about your designs.
More information is available.

AstroFerret on Earth drawing

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December 10

2 one-hour Webcasts

aerospace content icongrades 5 - 8

Centennial of Flight Presents!
Aero Expo IV

Look back in time and relive the last 100 years of flight in this visit with the Wright Brothers. Talk about the future of flight and what part you might play in it.

More information is available
Download The First Century of Flight Poster

View Archive of Centennial of Flight events

Wright Bros. photo


8:30AM Pacific
11:30 AM Eastern
1630 GMT

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11 AM Pacific
2 PM Eastern
1900 GMT

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