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jeremy project emblem

NASA, Santa Clara University and U.S. Coast Guard emblems

The Jeremy Project
Explore the Arctic Circle!

Once in the Arctic Circle the crew and researchers onboard the Polar Star will participate in several explorations of historal sites. These expeditions will be conducted by the Jeremy Project. We may be exploring the paleontological site at the Bering Land Bridge The Jeremy Project was in part funded by the SCREEM lab at Santa Clara University. Thier web site includes pictures and other info about the project. SCREEM stands for Santa Clara Remote Extreme Environment Mechanisms Lab

Join us as we explore the site of the New Bedford Whaling Fleet. On August 26 you will be provided with images and read comments from the researchers exploring this site.

  • View some photos of the Shipwreck Site and the "Bear"

    • Interview with Jeremy Bates, Founder of the Jeremy Project
      • RealMedia (audio and video) archive of the event.
    • "The Jeremy Project" Jeff Ota, Univ. Santa Clara
    • "ROV Video"
    • "The Remotely Operated Vehicle" Aaron Weast, Univ. Santa Clara
    • "3-D modeling of the fleet" Alex Durbes, Univ. Santa Clara
    • "Working Underwater around the Fleet" Senior Chief Lewis
    • "US Department of the Interior" Michele Hope, Minerals Mangement Service, U.S. Dept of the Interior
    • "Arctic Waters" Pete Swarzenski, USGS
    • "Oceanography" Dr. Baskaran
    • Interview with Andre Bileaudeaux

    Prepare to view the archive of the live events:


    • Download the RealPlayer. (The application program that allows you to hear or watch the events.)
    • If you are unsure of which technologies your connectivity and desktop platform will support, you may want to review the Technical Overview for this event.
    • You may also want to Test The Technologies before the event.


    This Quest Project Web page
    was last updated on July 31, 1998.



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