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The Polar Star Online

Meet the crew and researchers onboard the Polar Star!

Your hosts Jamie Silva and Damien Canerot will introduce you to the many jobs and people onboard the Polar Star.

  • Read the biographies of the people onboard.

  • Read field journals written by high school students while they are onboard.

  • Get to know some of the crew of the Polar Star by viewing some of the interviews conducted onboard.
    • An interview with the Captain of the Polar Star.
    • An interview with an engineer onboard the Polar Star.
      • RealMedia (audio and video) archive.
      • Archive of the Chat Session

    Prepare to view the archive of the live events:


    • Download the RealPlayer. (The application program that allows you to hear or watch the events.)
    • If you are unsure of which technologies your connectivity and desktop platform will support, you may want to review the Technical Overview for this event.
    • You may also want to Test The Technologies before the event.

    This Quest Project Web page
    was last updated on July 31, 1998.



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