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Student Work and Students-at-Work

Links to School LFA2 Projects on the WWW:

Work Submitted to LFA2:

How to Submit Student Work or Students-at-Work

Passport to Knowledge invites you to share your student's creativity and active involvement in the Live From Antarctica 2 project by dedicating a special online "exhibit hall" of Student Work and Students-at-Work. Please document your student's/students' work by saving their LFA 2 related writing (stories, poetry, non-fiction articles, desktop publishing articles, etc.) as text-only (ASCII) files. Graphic files such as digital images of students in "action" or special LFA2 events can be taken with a digital camera or scanned into the computer. Student produced art work is also fun to share online. Please save all graphics files as GIF files.

Submissions Closed

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Last Update: 2/7/97
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