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Welcome to the
Live from Antarctica 2
Student Home Page!

What could be cooler than ANTARCTICA?

That's what we hope you'll think as you join Passport to Knowledge on our voyage of discovery to the most remote continent on Earth, Antarctica.

Students of all ages are invited to board the R/V (Research Vessel) Polar Duke, as we sail from Punta Arenas, Chile to Palmer Station, the best place in the world to study penguins, seals, oceans, ice and Antarctica's notorious ozone hole.

Check out live, interactive telecasts direct from Palmer Station! Send e-mail during the broadcasts, or before and after... and get individual answers back from experts! Follow our video team as they explore the most impressive scenery on Earth!

And as you look and learn, create your own Antarctic materials and share them online.

Take your teachers, parents and friends along for the most fantastic voyage, to the most remote continent. It'll certainly be the most unusual field trip you'll ever experience.

Real Science, Real Scientists, Real Locations, Real Time!

You're already in the right place, and you don't need to buy a ticket. You've already got your passport, so just click on the map below or the menu bar on the left and navigate yourself to the end of the Earth. Be sure to come back often... every day will bring new adventures.

map of palmer station and vicinity
Click on the maps below to zoom out or in on the map of antarctica!
small map of antarctica small map of antarctia small map of palmer peninsula

Please visit frequently as new material is being added weekly!

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Last Update: 1/18/97
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