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A Trip To The Calibration Lab

by Jennifer Liang & Jill Chen

\ This is a video of the tour of the Balance Calibration Lab made by Jennifer Liang and Jill Chen. The video can be viewed as RealMedia file. This requires a copy of RealPlayer. RealMeadia has a player you can download for free.


Hi! We are Jennifer Liang and Jill Chen, two interns from Palo Alto High School. We took a trip down to the Calibration Lab at Ames Research Center on December 23th, 1998. We met Phil Luan and Scott Lijon two engineers working on the balance for the Wright Flyer.

Phil Philip Luan

Scott Scott Lijon

Luan and Lijon showed us around in the Lab. The explained how they calibrated the balance, recorded the measurements, and used the results to test the Automatic Calibration Machine. They were very enthusiastic in explaining the procedure of the lab. Here are some pictures that we took in the lab.

balance The balance which will be used for the Wright Flyer.

weights The weights used to test the balance.

gages The strain gages that are put into the balance.


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