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Mugsy Malone, Transportation Specialist

Hello there! My name is Mugsy Malone, and I am a Chinese Pug. I was rescued about three years ago from an abusive owner. I am only six years old. My new owner's name is Lenny Riegel. He drives for American Red Ball Movers. I get to travel all over the United States, and we sure get to see a lot of pretty country!

My master says that this truck is "Mugsy's truck".. but he won't let me drive! (he says my legs are too short). I get to ride up on the dash. Guess I'm the co-pilot, but sure do enjoy watching out for other dogs! We do see a few cats too. I have a pal whose name is Clyde.

 Mugsy in Tee

Even though I get to play and visit with all the people as we move around the country, it's nice to get back to my master's parent's home. They live in a little town named Okay, Oklahoma. They have a big fenced yard so I really get to run and play there. Just had a visit with Clyde there.

I have trouble hearing, as I have no ear drums. They told me I hear from the vibrations of sound against the bones in my ears.

I was sure glad I got to see all of you kids when we visited schools showing the Wright brother's airplane! I got to see it and it is really neat!! At Toyon Elementary in San Jose, I became an honorary Toyon "Tiger" and received my own t-shirt!

Bye Bye for now!




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