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Meet: Howard Marx


I am a retired executive of Northrop Corporation Aircraft Division in Hawthorne, CA. My career at Northrop included technical and management activities in the F5, A9, F-17 and F-18 aircraft programs.

At Aerospace Corporation in the 1960's, I introduced the concept of placing atomic clocks in orbit and, using passive ranging techniques to produce a global navigational system of a very high accuracy. This initial study (NAVSAT) sparked a period of sustained development which has yielded today's global positioning system.

Earlier, I was employed by General Dynamics and by LTV in various technical and management capacities associated with aircraft such as the B-36, B-58, TT-1 and the Corvus Air to Surface Missile.

I am an AIAA Associate Fellow and an active supporter of AIAA since 1948. I have served as Chairman of the Texas Section, Chairman of the Los Angeles Section, National Director for Western Region, and member of the AIAA Board of Directors.

I have a BSME Degree from Tulane University, a Masters Degree in Aero Engineering from MIT, and an MBA Degree from Pepperdine University.

I am a private pilot and a long time avid member and Co-Chairman of the Wright Flyer Project.


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