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Read about the day-to-day activities in a series of Field Journals

Aerodynamics Design: improving aircraft performance, designing new concepts and technologies, using research tools like wind tunnels and computer programs, for the US aerospace industry.

Craig Hange, Aerospace Engineer

Aeronautical Test and Simulation: operating, maintaining and developing wind tunnel and simulation facilities for research scientists, aircraft designers, human factors engineers, pilots and others to study the operation and flight of today's aircraft.

Jim Barnes, Systems Safety Engineer
Curt Boyce, Software Development Lead
Jason R. Brown,Systems Safety Engineer
Ira Chandler,Instrumentation Technician
Anne Corwin, Engineering Aide
Rod David, Senior Software Engineer
George Fenton,Instrument Engineer
Precioso Gabrillo, Applications Support Programmer
Joseph Huang, Mechanical Engineer
Michel Liu, Development Group Leader
Chris Lockwood, Mechanical Engineer
Mike Lopez, Master Mechanic
Phillip Luan, Mechanical Engineer
Joe Paz, Electrician and Mechanical Instrumentation Tech
Robert Scott, Site Leader
Alex Sheikman, Senior Instrumentation Engineer
Betty Silva, Project Manager, Data Acquisition
Mike Simundich, Instrumentation Engineer
Felton Smith, Wind Tunnel Mechanic
Paul Stuart, Computer Systems Technician
Ruben Torrecampos, Wind Tunnel Mechanic
Michael Wright, Instrument Engineer
Pete Zell, Facilities Manager

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Los Angeles Chapter Members: These are the people who have worked for years to build the 1903 Wright Flyer Model.

Arvin Basnight
Clarence N. Chamberlain, Jr.
Jack Cherne
Fred Culick
Don Dotson
Rich Grimm
Bob Joppa
Joe Lander
John Latz
Howard Marx
Gary Moir
Marilyn Ramsey
Wendell B. Seward
Steve Shackelford
William L. Sparks
Chuck Thomas
Walt Watson

Transportation Specialists: These are the people/canines that move the 1903 Wright Flyer Model from its home base to be tested and exhibited

Gary Hatfield
Lenny Riegel
Mugsy Malone

Education Outreach: develop curriculum, produce online and other educational materials, conduct educational workshops.

Liza Coe, Director, California Air & Space Center Teacher Institute
Susanne Ashby, Curriculum Specialist
Amberlee Chaussee, Production Assistant
Bonnie Samuelson, Multimedia Education Specialist
Phil Cruz, Programmer
Andy Doser, Graphic Artist
Steve Englehart Author, Countdown to Flight

If you would like to write to any of the people listed above to share your appreciation for their writings, please send an E-mail to Susan Lee (slee@mail.arc.nasa.gov). She will forward your greetings on. Please do not expect a personal reply from the individual since we've got them too busy writing journals and answering questions.

Note: The people listed above are those who agreed to participate in Wright Flyer Online. There are many more people involved in this wind tunnel test. To read about other people in aeronautics research at NASA visit the Aerospace Team Online Team page.

NASA Quest

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