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Field Journals

April 27, 1998: My trip to the 1903 Wright Flyer AIAA Engine Test, Craig Hange

May 15, 1998: 1903 Wright Flyer Project Press Conference, Robyn Gottheiner

July 6, 1998:The Role of the Test Manager in the 1903 Wright Flyer Test, Pete Zell

September 4, 1998: Wright Flyer Passes Pathfinder Test, Jack Cherne

October 9, 1998: The Wright Brother's Wind Tunnel Balances, Craig Hange

October 16, 1998: Planning for The Wind Tunnel Test of the 1903 Wright Flyer, Susan Lee

October 29, 1998: Wright Flyer Data Entry, Anne Corwin

December 17, 1998: Paying Homage, Anne Corwin

December 23, 1998: Calibrating the Wright Flyer Balance, Chris Lockwood

May 12, 1999: Adding a Degree of Uncertainty, Anne Corwin

January 15, 1999: A Trip To The Calibration Lab, Jennifer Liang & Jill Chen

January 21, 1999: Picture a big record player, Anne Corwin

January 22, 1999: SAY BAL CAL LAB TEN TIMES FAST!!, Susan Lee

February 10, 1999: Beaming up the Wright Flyer, Anne Corwin

April 26, 1999: The FAA Welcomes the Wright Flyer, Marilyn Ramsey

February 24, 1999: Perfect Light - the Lift In, Anne Corwin

March 5, 1999: Lots of excitement, Lots of calm!, Susan Lee

March 12, 1999: Night Shift for the Wind Tunnel Test, Susan Lee

March 19, 1999: The Final Chapter, Anne Corwin

March 19, 1999: Preliminary Data Review, Henry Jex

April 9, 1999: The AIAA 1903 Wright Flyer Wind Tunnel Test is Complete, Jack Cherne

April 19, 1999: What it means to be an Engineer, Phillip Luan

April 14, 1999: Examining the Wright Flyer, Jim Stevenson

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