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Precioso Gabrillo III

Applications Support Programmer for the NFAC and Unitary Wind Tunnels

Who I Am
I am an Applications Support Programmer for the NFAC and Unitary Wind Tunnels. I prepare the computer application that will take the data when the Wright Flyer is tested. Also, whenever there is a problem, I am the person who will fix the problem that is related to the computer.

My Career Path
I decided to be in the aeronautical field since I was in elementary school because I liked flying in aircraft and building plastic models as a hobby. It was based on my experiences in school that led to decide on a career.

Some Aspects of My Career
The positive aspects was to work in an area that is specialized. The negative aspet is very few job positions are available.

As A Child
There were no single entity that tailored me for this career. As long as my interest was in aviation, I know I can enjoy my job.

Students should keep in mind that what they do is important. Therefore, whatever subject they study, they must know it. For those who are interested in aviation, they must be interested in understanding how science and technology works.

Future Goals
My overall goal is to design and ride a spacecraft that will transit the solar system.


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