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Teacher's Guide


Introduction to the Teacher's Guide.

Suggested Daily Lesson Planner

Language Arts

1. "Wright-ing" Prompt: Newspaper Article
2. "Wright-ing" Prompt: Ballad 3. "Wright-ing" Prompt: Concrete Poem
4. Literature Unit: Countdown to Flight!


5. Aeronautical Experiment: Balloon Thrust
6. Aeronautical Experiment: Faster Air = Lower Air Pressure #1
7. Aeronautical Experiment: Faster Air = Lower Air Pressure #2
8. Aeronautical Experiment: Aircraft Control / Student Project - Make Your Own Glider
9. Wind Tunnel: Student Reading
10. Wind Tunnel: Student Worksheet w/ Key
11. Wind Tunnel Experts Interview: Worksheet w/ Key
12. Computational Fluid Dynamics Experts Interview: Worksheet w/ Key
13. Making a Comparison: Wright Flyer vs. Modern Airplane

Social Studies

14. Timeline Activity Sheet #1: Wright Brothers Scavenger Hunt
15. Timeline Activity Sheet #2: Gotta Problem? Find a Solution!
16. Timeline Activity Sheet #3: That Happened, Too?
17. Timeline Activity Sheet #4: High Tech Scavenger Hunt
18. Historical Radio Interview of the Wright Brothers
19. Parallel Timeline of the Wright Flyer's Development


20. Wind Tunnel Averages
21. Graphing the Four Forces
22. Flying with Pythagoras
23. Computing the Net Force
24. The Aspect Ratio of Wings

Additional Resources

25. List of Teacher Books, Web Sites, and Associations
26. List of Student Books, Web Sites, and Associations


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