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Wright Flyer Photo Gallery

Thumbnails of the Wright Flyer Test

dorrs closed The doors to the tunnel are closed tight.

control room When the wind starts to blow, the data begins to appear.

Howard watching the data Howard Marx watched the video screen intently.

more data watchers Here you can see (from right to left)Craig Hange sitting at the terminal running Labview, Rich Grimm, Walt Watson, JIm Barnes and Mike Simunidich.

morning meetings Each day began with a test meeting. Assignments were given out and concerns were addressed.Seated (from right to left) Bud Chamberlain, Bob Joppa, Craig Hange, Mike Simunidich, and Walt Watson.

meeting ends As the meeting breaks up there are lots of discussions taking place. From right to left around the table, Howard Marx, Walt Watson, Jay Wm. Stuart, Bob Joppa (standing), Jim Barnes, Henry Jex, John Latz, Rich Grimm, Pete Zell.