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Wright Flyer Photo Gallery

Thumbnails of the Wright Flyer Lift In to the 40x80 Wind Tunnel

catwalk Wright Flyer model has been rolled into position

flyer is wired to the crane The flyer is wired to the crane. Members pose for a final snapshot.

lift off It's off the ground.

orville going up Orville takes a ride.

slowly up

looking up

further up

towarsds the round walls of the test space In this shot you can really see the round outside walls of the wind tunnel in the background.

almost all the way Here the Flyer is next to the tunnel!

a little more Those yellow steel bars on the ceiling are part of the crane.

nearing the roof Here the Flyer is nearing the roof.

close to the top Those yellow bars are part of the crane

next to the crane Now the Flyer is right by the crane.

sliding into the top of the test space

AIAA members watch from the ground AIAA members watch from the ground.

getting near the doors Now the Flyer is getting near the doors of the 40' by 80' Wind Tunnel.

one of the curved wind tunnel doors Here you can see one of the curved wind tunnel doors which open like a clam shell. The Wright Flyer will be maneuvered over this opening.

entering the test spaace

moving into position Putting the Flyer into position to enter the tunnel.

take your places Ready to begin the Webcast.

watching the lift in Taking questions during the Webcast.

lining up with the sting Connecting the Flyer to the Sting.

on the sting

the lift in complete A successful lift-in!

AIAA members pose Here the AIAA members pose with the mounted model and the sting overhead.

Jeff Newman poses Jeff Newman, Intern poses with the Wright Flyer.

view from the catwalk The view from the 5th floor catwalk.

in the tunnel The birds' eye view.

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