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Thumbnails of the Move Back to Los Angeles

Bracing the canard  -Bracing the canard for the trip. Bob Seaquist uses a belt with supervision from Howard Marx, Bill Haynes, and Jack Cherne.(9k)

Marilyn and Mugsy  -Marilyn Ramsey and Jack Cherne welcome Mugsy.

ready to load  - Everything is packed and ready to go

carrying the canard  Carrying the canard to the side door of the van.

setting the canard down        Howard Marx sets the rudder down ready to be packed up. Pete Zell arrives.

packed prop  The prop will travel in a special case.

the turck driver  -Lenny Riegel, driver for American Red Ball gives the thumbs up sign!

loading the canard  The canard goes into the very front of the van.

Mike Lopez drrives the forklift to lift the wings up  -Mile Lopez drives the forklift to lift the wings up and position them for placement in the truck.

into the truck  -The truck backed up until most of the Wright Flyer Replica was inside. The the forklift backed up and team members slid it the rest of the way into the truck.

guiding the wings ionto the truck  -Here Chuck Thomas guides the wings and Wilbur into the truck past the side door.

goodbye mugsy  Kim Bailiy gives Mugsy a hug good-bye.

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